The Future Law Virtual Summit (FLVS) 2020 is organised by the Future Law Institute (FLI) and our collaborating organisations.

FLI is a social enterprise incorporated as a limited liability company in the United Kingdom in 2019 with a mission to support the re-engineering of laws and legal systems for a safer, more just, more ecologically resilient future. FLI is primarily focused on research, education and capacity building exploring the intersection between complexity theory and legal system change with the aims, inter alia, of building (i) new forms of non-state-centered, inclusive multilateral cooperation to address global challenges and (ii) the capacity of our collaborative members as policy and systemic entrepreneurs to engage, support, initiate and lead local legal system change efforts.

Through our first meta-legal research project launched in March 2020, the Global COVID-19 Policy Response (GCPR) we have brought together over 180 lawyers, domain experts and system thinkers from 6 continents and 52 countries and we are currently developing our first multilateral and multidisciplinary Networked Communities of Practice (NCoPs).

NCoPs are transnational, interdisciplinary spaces for knowledge exchange and generation, practicing innovation and normative co-production. Participants engage in observation, theorisation, policy and system mapping and analysis of important developments that can contribute to credible and concrete avenues for negotiating legal system change at local levels.

The specific outputs of the NCoPs are (i) the identification of High-Leverage Strategic Intervention Points (HLSIPs) for legal system change within specific legal niches and (ii) the development of narratives for change, model provisions and litigation strategies (iii) the mobilization of technical and financial support and partnerships for local hub development and law reform movements.

We are currently establishing the following NCoPs:

Our NCoPs are open to all Future Law Collaborative Members and Members are able to suggest and form additional NCoPs. To become a Negotiator and work in our NCoPs join us at FLVS2020.