Be at the negotiating table


Activate your target audience and engage with the stakeholders

Increase your impact at FLVS2020

Between October 16-20th the FLVS2020 will bring together over 2,500 attendees to interact and engage, learn from world’s pivotal thinkers and legal professionals and re-imagine, re-negotiate and re-build the New Normal. More than just a five-day summit, FLVS2020 kickstarts an ongoing multilateral cooperation leveraging law, policy, systems and technological innovation for a pandemic-resilient future.

We welcome a global audience of lawyers, academics, policymakers, activists, founders, marketers and media partners to co-create a diverse, yet much needed collective of policymakers, negotiators and business actors.

Do you have an innovation or solution that can contribute to a better future? Be part of FLVS2020 and learn about new ways to leverage your business for greater societal impact and system change.

Do you have an innovation or solution that can contribute to a better future? Be part of FLVS2020 and learn about new ways to leverage your business for greater societal impact and system change.

How do partners benefit?


FLVS2020 partnerships go beyond the event itself — we integrate campaigns in our networked communities of practice meeting on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. This positions your brand effectively in front of an affluent audience and active collaborators invested in the collective, change-making process throughout the whole year.


The formats we offer at the FLVS2020 allow you to engage with relevant prospects without the need and cost to travel anywhere but into the virtual domain we co-create. Be a speaker, host a workshop session or simply build your visibility with a video advertisement to fill your business pipeline, generate new leads and engage with important stakeholders.


Seize the opportunity to share your underlying values, core problem you are addressing and solution you’re providing to the FLVS2020 audience. Allow our audience to learn about your services and products, long-term vision and meet your organization and leadership team. See who’s there to follow how you can serve the people best. Show everyone why you are light-years ahead and what steps you’re taking.


Be a magnet and serve as a compass, provide a global audience with directions on how they can reach out to you and leverage their professions. Tap into a highly-engaged FLVS2020 audience, share your secret formula to success and secure meaningful partnerships with FLVS2020 speakers, organizations, benefactors and partners you otherwise do not have access to.

Collaborate for greater impact. ​

Future Law Institute is spearheading the conversation on the future of law, policymaking, media, activism, and sustainability. Their expertise as one of the world’s most reliable, insightful and remarkable publishers will add global media interest to four NTNN Tracks:
Track 1 Multilateralism, Democracy & Global Citizenship
Track 2 Surveillance, Privacy & Big Data Analytics
Track 3 Rethinking Capitalism for Socio-Ecological Justice
Track 4 Emergent Law, Technology & Practice
Are you interested in activating your target audience and engaging with those who share the same value, seek for new opportunities, valuable information and meaningful changes?

FLVS2020 in numbers

50+ High level speakers

Over 90 hours sessions

10 Year action plan

5 Consecutive days

1100 Existing legal change makers

4 CPD Accredited courses

2500+ Attendees

1/3 In-house or public sector practice

Summit capabilities


A single cloud-based tool that allows you to engage and produce quality dialogue, engage with important stakeholders and deliver to the audiences the message in a clear way. FLVS2020 delivers live chat for your audience, a document repository for downloads and ‘time shifting’ tools for audience re-views, alongside analytics to give you the insights you need. Starting with the Summit, we aim to create a high-level tailored engagement with important stakeholders on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.


FLI Legal Innovation Labs and Networked Communities of Practice can help you identify high level strategic intervention points and negotiate desired outcome. Beyond getting the tech in place, FLI can help with the content and graphics, legal analytics and improved negotiations. The legal service is ‘off the shelf’ but there’s a real team to hold your hand before, during and after negotiations to make sure you and your clients, opposite parties or partners get the most value from your engagement.

FLVS 2020

Future Law Virtual Summit 2020 presents a custom branded experience and puts you under the spotlight when you want. You can define all aspects of appearance with logos, video cards, speaker pop-ups and animated intros to give that extra sizzle. FLVS2020 is an annual event and brings together legal professionals, law-makers, academics, activists and cruical industry stakeholders to present their opinions and engage in a debate.

We have confirmed speakers
from the following organisations

Supporting Organisations

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