20th September 2020

2pm – 6pm CET

Keynote Speakers

Welcome & Introduction

The Future of Law: Negotiating the New Normal (NTNN)

Meet the founders of Future Law Institute and Weave, Margaret Rose-Goddard, Anja Blaj and Karim Maarek as they discuss why they saw the demand for an unprecedented type of politico-legal infrastructure for our collective sensemaking, negotiation and action to address global challenges and why the multilateral NTNN platform would be crucial to co-create a pandemic resilient future.

  • MARGARET ROSE-GODDARD (Co-Founder & Chief Intuit, Future Law Institute)
  • ANJA BLAJ (Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Future Law Institute)


Margaret Rose-Goddard


Anja Blaj


Karim Maarek

Moderated dialogue

The Future of Politics: Where Do We Go From Here?

Participate in an engaging, provocative and inclusive dialogue among former and current political leaders from the global north and south, representatives from the media, the UN, technology industry and civil society addressing the questions: Are our current representative systems of government serving us? Why or why not? What systemic change needs to happen locally, nationally and/or multilaterally for a safer, more just, more ecologically resilient future?


  • CHRISTLYN MOORE, Former Minister of Justice, Trinidad and Tobago, Political Party Founder
  • MICHAEL WERNSDERT Vice-Chair, End Ecocide Sweden, Political Party Founder
  • MAX SEMENCHUK Advisor, Ministry of Digitalization of Ukraine
  • MAKEDA ANTOINE- CAMBRIDGE Former Ambassador to the UN, Austria and Italy, Trinidad and Tobago
  • INDRA ADNAN, Co-Initiator at The Alternative UK, Author “The Changing Role of Soft Power”
  • FIONA MATHEWS Founder & CEO, Earth Champions, Former BBC Journalist


Christlyn Moore


Michael Wernstedt


Max Semenchuk


Makeda Antoine-Cambridge


Indra Adnan


Fiona Mathews

Interactive Discussion with Panelists

Collective Sense-making

Participants are facilitated in a group dialogue with the Negotiators aimed at clarifying, making connections between the shared narratives and deepening collective meaning.

Transitional Lounge

Group Coherence

The Transition Lounge is a virtual space designed to prepare participants for the intentional co-creation in the next session. Through setting the intention for radically empathic dialogue combined with a guided meditation to establish group heart coherence we make room for courageous and meaningful reflection and virtual engagement.

Group Harvesting Action Circle

Negotiating the New Normal : Where Do I Fit In?

We engage in a group harvesting exercise through which participants get together to share their intentions and learnings from the dialogue and collective sense-making process. Participants explore the questions raised in the Future of Politics dialogue, identifying critical levers for systemic change in political decision-making, reflect on their role in the future of politics and begin to articulate issues and demands which should be addressed by the Negotiating the New Normal (NTNN) platform for collective action.

Closing Plenary

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