Karim Maarek

Founder, WEAVE

I am a heartful and creative entrepreneur, coach-facilitator and innovator, with a big heart for people and their passions, dreams and projects. I am always seeing potential, always seeking to understand people and how the world works, constantly making connections. I am an aspiring writer and a developing systems thinker. I have honed my knowledge of sustainability, learning and engagement over the last 20 years; these three pillars are fundamental to everything I do these days.

It can’t be done is when I turn on. Versatile catalyst, boundless creative, provocative when prompted or necessary. Empowerment, creativity, challenging mindsets and personal leadership are central to how I lead and facilitate. I have worked with artists, children, executives, social change agents, entrepreneurs, politicians and the rest of us. On 5 continents and with over 100 nationalities.

My work varies from learning programs and retreats to strategic consultancy and challenging leadership teams. Always with a connection to making the world a better place. I have a strong preference for work forms that are experiential, active, fun. You need to leave changed. My endless passion is for the collective journey that makes the individual journey possible.

Advanced in innovation, crowdsourcing and movement building. Organizing and engagement specialist. Seeking to shift the balance of values at a global level. Cultivating personal leadership in oneself and others. Aspiring to become a master of love, courage, vulnerability, weakness and being human. Compassionate student of life. Heartfully standing with many. Friend. Padawan. Trainer of trainers. Proudest father.

Specialties: Movement building and crowd campaigning | innovation & design thinking | crowdsourcing | training and facilitation | strategy design and scaling for startups, social enterprises and non-profits | creative concept development for campaigns | political and social movements

Welcome & Introduction

Sunday 20th September

The Future of Law: Negotiating the New Normal (NTNN)

Meet the founders of Future Law Institute and Weave, Margaret Rose-Goddard, Anja Blaj and Karim Maarek as they discuss why they saw the demand for an unprecedented type of politico-legal infrastructure for our collective sensemaking, negotiation and action to address global challenges and why the multilateral NTNN platform would be crucial to co-create a pandemic resilient future.

  • MARGARET ROSE-GODDARD (Co-Founder & Chief Intuit, Future Law Institute)
  • ANJA BLAJ (Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Future Law Institute)