Margaret Rose-Goddard

Co-Founder & CIO, Future Law institute

What you buy matters. Whether you are an individual, a corporation or a government body, our modern reality is an ever-evolving outcome of that upon which we place value in our society. Given the complexity and interconnectedness of our global challenges, if we want to change our outcomes, I believe we must rethink our theories of value creation, delivery, capture and measurement. I am passionate about exploring new pathways to understanding value in modern society at the self-self, self-others and self-environment levels and to helping buyers and suppliers in both the public and private sectors to buy better.

I am a lawyer qualified to practice in the English-Speaking Caribbean since 1995, and specializing in public procurement law. Currently doing doctoral research at the University of Bath exploring complexity theory, public health procurement, and public policy implementation. I call myself a “Legal Futurist” using the term not in the usual sense of thinking about the intersection of the law and technology and how the latter is changing the former. I define Legal Futurism as the thinking around the future of law, legal practice and education and drawing on the work of non-legal disciplines such as scenario planning and change forecasting to focus on the human, social, economic, technological, and environmental forces of the future that may open up new legal opportunities and drive legal system change.

Over the last two decades, I have founded and co-founded several social enterprises including the Caribbean Procurement Institute, the Caribbean Association of Procurement Professionals, Disclosure Today, an award-winning civic governance project digitizing Freedom of Information requests and connecting citizens with pro-bono legal services and U-Solve the host of the Global Challenges Retreat Community, in which I currently still work. For more info visit

I now reside in the UK and my primary focus is on helping lawyers and system thinkers navigate the drivers of change in the legal industry to facilitate the transition toward a safer, more just and ecologically resilient future. To learn more visit

I also from time to time do work with buying agencies to help with procurement governance, procurement auditing and dispute resolution, and social impact assessments of procurement budgets. For more information visit

Welcome & Introduction

Sunday 20th September

The Future of Law: Negotiating the New Normal (NTNN)

Meet the founders of Future Law Institute and Weave, Margaret Rose-Goddard, Anja Blaj and Karim Maarek as they discuss why they saw the demand for an unprecedented type of politico-legal infrastructure for our collective sensemaking, negotiation and action to address global challenges and why the multilateral NTNN platform would be crucial to co-create a pandemic resilient future.

  • MARGARET ROSE-GODDARD (Co-Founder & Chief Intuit, Future Law Institute)
  • ANJA BLAJ (Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Future Law Institute)