Max Semenchuk

Co-founder, Impact UA

I’m a partner in – our goal is to support the implementation of the distributed governance through the work with the community. We’re planning the conference in the Jun’19. Then doing a monthly newsletter with the recap of updates and articles on DAOs, Governance, etc. Also community meetups, wiki, calendar etc.

Co-founder at – blockchain consulting&dev company in fintech and supply chain. Research and development of the DAICO app for Aragon, Liberal Radicalism application and what else can be improved in the funding, blockchain and decentralization.

Holacracy practitioner, a member of WEF Global Shapers, Designer, Product manager, speak and write on all of the above-mentioned topics.

Moderated dialogue

Sunday 20th September

The Future of Politics: Where Do We Go From Here?

Participate in an engaging, provocative and inclusive dialogue among former and current political leaders from the global north and south, representatives from the media, the UN, technology industry and civil society addressing the questions: Are our current representative systems of government serving us? Why or why not? What systemic change needs to happen locally, nationally and/or multilaterally for a safer, more just, more ecologically resilient future?


  • CHRISTLYN MOORE, Former Minister of Justice, Trinidad and Tobago, Political Party Founder
  • MICHAEL WERNSDERT Vice-Chair, End Ecocide Sweden, Political Party Founder
  • MAX SEMENCHUK Advisor, Ministry of Digitalization of Ukraine
  • MAKEDA ANTOINE- CAMBRIDGE Former Ambassador to the UN, Austria and Italy, Trinidad and Tobago
  • INDRA ADNAN, Co-Initiator at The Alternative UK, Author “The Changing Role of Soft Power”
  • FIONA MATHEWS Founder & CEO, Earth Champions, Former BBC Journalist