Renée Cummings

Founder, URBAN AI

A criminologist, AI ethicist, AI strategist, urban technologist and international consultant, I specialize in urban AI, ethical AI adoption, AI leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion in AI development and deployment, algorithmic authenticity and accountability, data integrity and equity, AI for social good and social justice in AI policy and governance.

Passionate about using AI to design real time resilient solutions to urban challenges, I’m committed to deploying AI to empower and sustainably transform cities, communities, cultures, and organizations; securing full participation of citizens in the 4IR, helping companies navigate the AI landscape and developing future AI leaders.

A multicultural cross-connector of multi-disciplinary fields and an innovative collaborator; I’m committed to fostering powerful connections, unifying people and technologies, enhancing quality of life and increasing economic prosperity.

Uniquely qualified with a broad knowledge base and international experience, I believe in the power of the imagination and the extraordinary possibilities of AI, augmented intelligence and collective intelligence.

Using AI to reengineer and reimagine how we think about offending, policing, police use of force, police and community relations, public safety, sentencing and public health and AI inspired approaches to homicide reduction, gun and gang violence prevention are all areas of specialization as a criminologist.

I’m also a criminal psychologist, therapeutic jurisprudence and juvenile justice specialist, rehabilitation specialist, substance abuse therapist, diverse abilities advocate, crisis intelligence, crisis communication and media specialist, creative science communicator and journalist.