Multilateralism, Democracy & Global Citizenship

The convergence of globalization, rapid technological advancement and corporatism has given rise to new non-state multinational actors, hyper-connectivity, new transnational risks and opportunities, emergent challenges to the legitimacy of the nation state, and viral, global, populist movements for change. In Track 1 we explore the impact of these changes on people and society and examine how multilateral cooperation can become more participatory, inclusive and just.

Surveillance, Privacy & Big Data Analytics

A defining feature of the 21st century and one of the most urgent issues of our times has been the concentration of data, knowledge and surveillance power. Beyond issues of privacy, digitisation raises new imperatives for rethinking the laws which regulate behavioural futures markets and information capitalism which encroach on fundamental human freedoms. In Track 2 we explore new information industries, the current legal landscape and examine strategic intervention points and opportunities for the creation of a more ethical architecture for the use of our personal and collective data.

Rethinking Capitalism for Socio-Ecological Justice

There is growing consensus that orthodox economic theory and public policy informed thereby not only fail to address the major challenges of the 21st century but may be exacerbating them. Energy, environment, big data, consumerism, inequality, climate change, human rights violations and social justice are complex interconnected challenges. In Track 3 we explore the failures of contemporary economic thinking and examine some of the most innovative models and approaches for building a 10 year action plan for more inclusive, regenerative and just economies.

Emergent Law, Technology & Practice

Fundamental shifts in cognitive and complexity sciences have deepened our understanding of ourselves and the interconnectedness of all life within our planetary system. New generative, empathetic and adaptive leadership capabilities built on self awareness and self facilitation are required across sectors, industries, and disciplines. In Track 4 we explore the emergent areas of conscious and integrative law, technology and its impact on legal practice, design thinking and system intelligence for lawyers and new ways of being and doing for more holistic legal problem-solving and legal system change.